Great Looking, High Quality Encouragement Post Cards for Good Job Notes, I Like You Notes, thank you Notes, Inspirational Notes and More, with your Logo or website on them for no additional cost or setup fee!


In today's world of system managed business, where a computer spits out a a label and a card, or your social media does it for you, we each receive sometimes hundreds of electronic messages.


Ever want your message to be read or noticed, or perhaps rise above the rest, because its you, not the system spreading?


Do it with REAL cards ... change a life with your words!!



  • Use these cards to Encourage, Inspire, Motivate and acknowledge your friends, family, clients and students.

  • Pre-designed Good Job Notes, Post Cards and more!

  • The ability to customize each card including the logo.

  • Original High Quality Art Work: We made these, so you will have something others do not have.

  • Digitized Logos: If you provided us with a 300dpi copy of your Logo (scanned image is fine) we will render it into what is needed for our use.

  Our first goal is to provide our clients quality product at a very good price.


  Our second goal is to provide you with a product that will get you recognized in your community. You do what you are good at, and we make you better at it. Students share the cards you send them. Parents show their friends, and if they look professional, your business image goes up.



Writing a Good Job note is VERY easy, if you do it right. There are 4 steps to follow shown below.

1) Notice a student doing something that is note worthy,
2) Tell him/her exactly what they did that you noticed,
3) Tell him/her how it made you feel,
4) Tell him/her what will happen if they keep it up.

Here is an example:



Christmas Cards


Postcards are very easy to address, cheaper than traditional Christmas and Holiday Cards, and will make your friends, family & clients know how much you care. Very inexpensive. Starting at $30/100.




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